A World Vision Then & Now

The Holy Spirit will speak today, to reach the largest population in history, on the level of their own understanding!
A new voice was heard in the 70s -- a word declaring the simplicity and  sufficiency of Jesus in terms a contemporary, youth-oriented society could understand.  Without promotion, publicity or financial backing. 

God brought forth The New Wave Ministry declaring the uncluttered truths of the Gospel to a jaded over and religiously skeptical nation. 

Beginning with publications of unique quality and deep spiritual insight, the Holy Spirit sovereignly inspired thousands of people to distribute the literature. 

It began from a center point in texas and spread unexplainably across the United States and into other nations of the world.

The commission of The New Wave is not to communciate a doctrine or a denomination, but to communicate the simplicity and sufficiency of Jesus Christ without specific name tags or the interference of human personality.

The works and ministry of The New Wave testify of Jesus.  He has given us a vision to take His simple message to the world through the mass media including publications, radio, TV, and music.

As our world spins out of control, and everyone is crying out for answers to life's hardest questions, we pray that we can all stand together, united in love and dedication, to see that HIS WILL BE DONE!
The vision of The New Wave
The vision of The New Wave has always been a world vision.  

Today's media provide a new spectrum in communications.   We are committed to using these media to the fullest possible extent.

We understand that no human effort, however sincere, can achieve this communication.  It must be accomplished by those who are anointed by the Holy Spirit  to know what to say and how to say it.

Jesus used parables to reach the people of His day on the level of their own understanding.  This was an innovative approach; and it brought the message home to the people.

Today, innovative methods must also be utilized to reach the diverse and immense populations of our present world.